FIFA 12 PC will boast same features as Xbox 360 and PS3

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FIFA 12 PC will boast same features as Xbox 360 and PS3

The great news:

So, I know this is old news but this could be unknown to a few PC gamers of whom, didn’t purchase the FIFA 11 version simply because the console version boasted more features and earlier this month, a FIFA 12 PC screenshot was released (the latter looks pretty sweet), and today I’m happy to show you guys the press released EA has released. This is absolutely fantastic news for PC users as ALL the gameplay features in the console versions will be coming their way to PC also. It’s about time.

The features:

FIFA 12 PC will bring the new player impact engine, of which gives users the realisticness of real football to the game in a whole new way, allowing people to challenge for the ball in a real way with physicality. You’ll be able to experience tons more variations of the way outcomes will be on every single collision in-game. Your players will feel a lot more physical and will pull and push in a whole new, never before seen on a FIFA game.

Naturally, these new revolutionary features make FIFA 12 even more engaging and deeper than it’s predecessor. The new “Precision Dribbling” features creates a better feel of control with players giving you dribbling alike that in PES (of which I missed alot), It’ll give you more control of the ball in small areas of the pitch, giving you more time to think about what to do next and how to control the game. Attacking and defending has also changed respectively due to the re-desing of the defending system, making FIFA a game that requires more skill and meaning, alike that of football in the real world itself. With the new “Tactical Defending” feature, zone-defending is made even more possible and easier than before making position come into play even more than before. Pro Player Intelligence has also had a re-design making players even more unique in their playstyle and making them use options depending on their own characterisitcs as a footballer, It also gives the players the knowledge of their teammates weaknesses and strengths in all situations.

You can catch the press release for FIFA 12 here.


You can also see this fantastic screenshot of FIFA 12 PC

FIFA 12 PC Screenshot

Click to view the screenshot in a larger size

So PC gamers is this great or what?

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